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, Pamal's Creation


Time moves at a different pace with kids. The sleepless nights are long, but the birthdays seem too close together. As life gets busier, the moments slip by even faster. We want to capture those precious moments of our children’s lives, but things move too quickly. That’s why we’re here to get those photographs you will cherish for a lifetime.

These shoots are light-hearted and fun, with a bit of gentle direction. Each session is different, with the unique dynamic that flows naturally.

Telling your story through images of your real, tender moments and the love that you have for your children is what makes our world go around

Toddler Photography - 7 months to 2years

We have got multiple theme options for this age :-
1 Disney, Marvels & DC Inspired Themes: This series of setups are one of our favorites because we love to take inspiration from all the comins, movies of these specific entertainment houses. We have created more than 20+ themes inspired by mentioned entertainment houses. List of all available themes shall be shared upon booking a package with us.
2 Outdoor Sessions: We have a beautiful outdoor lawn in our studio premises & we have multiple setup options available for outdoor sessions. These setups are a little wide with extra play areas for kids as we love to capture some candid expressions of your little one. We also love to take a few joyful shots of babies & parents in our outdoor lawn.
3 Custom Made: Custom made setups are the one which we create when any parent wants us to design a setup of their own choice. This option is available in premium package or above categories only.
Yes, for every theme we launch we provide costumes that match the theme.You can also use your own dresses and costumes if you wish to.
The ideal time for a toddler shoot is from 7 to 15 months when innocence and cuteness is at its peak.
Every theme we offer is different and unique. Each theme has its own charm and will be suitable for almost all babies. We recommend you go through our themes and select the one that you desire.
Safety of every baby is our utmost priority. The baby is supported all the time and is extremely safe. An adult will be there with the baby at a safe distance throughout the session.
Pimples/moles/marks can be removed during post production work. You need not to postpone the shoot but in case if you little one is going through some skin infection then we may postpone the shoot.
Dress changes are based on the number of themes you select. Frequent dress changes will make the baby cranky and might result in less appealing photos. Hence, we at bliss photoart would prefer to stick to the package offerings.​
We will be giving your baby breaks between each session and you are always welcome to ask for a break. This usually keeps babies calm. The session time is also allocated factoring the buffer time required, so please reach the studio on time to use the extra time effectively. We might be having multiple sessions on a single day and time extension may not be possible outside the allotted slot.
While coming for the shoot please bring the following:
  • Favourite stuff toys of Baby
  • Wet Wipes
  • Favourite songs playlist(If Any)
  • Baby food or favourite snacks
  • Cake (If you are planning for cake smash)
  • A towel if we are doing a bathtub/cake smash session
  • A hard drive/laptop for RAW Data.
  • Please connect with our team for this list as it can vary depending on the themes you are going to select.
If you have a special treat planned for your child after the session please refrain from mentioning it during the session. Kids getting bribed or threatened with their “treat” stresses them out which results in restlessness. So, kindly do not bring it up during the shoot. Trust us, we can get the best out of your kid with your support and participation.Giving mobile phones or other accessories to console babies is a bad idea, as we may not be able to edit them out and having irrelevant props in the themes affects the final output.
The outfit for the family session should be matching. The dresses should complement each other and should be from the same colour family. We would recommend you to opt for plain colours like white, blue, grey, black etc. Avoid loud/large prints as it would be distracting.
You can either leave the selection process to us or request for “sample before edit” at the time of booking or after the shoot. Our team will be shortlisting the photos and “sample before edit” will be shared as per turnaround time and the photos to be edited can be selected. Once you confirm, it will be final and modifications will be treated as additional edits and will be charged as per package cost.

Our Pricing

Choose Your Plan

Basic Package

  • Number of Theme Setups : 2
  • Total Edited Pictures : 15
  • RAW Pictures : 60
  • Session Time: 90 Minutes
  • Complimentary Photoshoot with Parents
  • Cinematic Highlight(Short Video)

Signature Package

  • Number of Theme Setups : 3
  • Total Edited Pictures : 20
  • RAW Pictures : 150
  • Session Time: 120 Minutes
  • Complimentary Photoshoot with Parents
  • Cinematic Highlight(Short Video)

Premium Package

  • Number of Theme Setups : 4 (2 Brand New)
  • Total Edited Pictures : 30
  • RAW Pictures : 200
  • Session Time: 180 Minutes
  • Complimentary Photoshoot with Parents
  • Cinematic Highlight(Short Video)
  • One Album/Portrait

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